Mini Session Party

All New Mini Session Party

The new Mini Session Party™ gives you all the great benefits of a typical portrait and candid session — but in a mini 20-minute shoot that is perfectly priced to fit your budget!

Want great new photos without breaking the bank? Mini Sessions are perfectly priced to give you 6 or more great photos without breaking the break. And with the new Mini Session Party by Laura Noll Photography, your friends, family and coworkers can all get an amazing deal while you get your session completely free.

Wait, what? Yup — you can get your mini session completely free.

Why a Mini Session Party?

Mini Sessions typically last about 20 minutes, but require all the same prep as a full session by your photographer. Considering travel, gear prep, photo editing and more — the cost of that time and effort adds up. When you host a Mini Session Party and gather additional friends, family or coworkers to book a session on the same date in the same location as your own — the photographer’s extra time is disbursed making everyone’s Mini Session more affordable than ever before!

Get Your Mini Session for Free

Invite friends, family and coworkers to join your Mini Session Party and everyone will get an amazing deal — especially you! Here’s how it works:

  1. Book your Mini Session date and time.
  2. Invite friends, family and coworkers to join your Mini Session Party at a discounted rate!
  3. Up to 5 additional Mini Sessions (you + 5 others) can schedule in the same location at a time close to your session.
  4. When you reach 5 Mini Sessions as part of your party, your Mini Session and 6 digitals are completely free!

All for one incredibly reasonable price per guest, you can have beautiful photos that will preserve memories for a lifetime.

What's in the Mini?

  • Travel to one location in the KC area
  • 20 minutes of dedicated photography time per session
  • Professional editing of your photos
  • 6 complimentary digital downloads per session
  • Online proof gallery for ordering prints, extra digitals, books and more

Book a Mini Session!

Mini Sessions are wonderful for capturing a few simple professional photos on a budget. They’re not a recommended replacement for engagement sessions, senior photos, maternity shoots or other major life events. If you’re hoping for the use of props, outfit changes, multiple locations or numerous variations in groups — a Mini Session may not be the right fit for you. Ask the photographer for other options that accommodate these ideas!

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