Hooray! Your photos have been snapped, edited and are ready for use. Now, things get fun! Here are a few simple ways to give credit to Laura Noll Photography as you share them. (And, thank you in advance!)

In Social Media

Follow, like and tag Laura Noll Photography using the appropriate network for your post.

Credit may be easily incorporated by adding:

  • Photo by Laura Noll Photography
  • Photo: Laura Noll Photography
  • 📷: Laura Noll Photography

You may also use #lauranollphotography for additional exposure among the Laura Noll Photography audience.

On Websites

If images are used on a single page, add the photo credit and link as follows:

If images are used on multiple pages or throughout entire site, you might also consider:

In Print

For a single image:

  • Mention “Laura Noll Photography” under the image
  • Include “www.lauranollphotography.com” when possible

For multiple images/full spread:

  • Mention “Photos by Laura Noll Photography” on the spread
  • Include “www.lauranollphotography.com”

Third-Party Release and Use

With your photo release, you are welcome to share your photos with print publications and media outlets as necessary. Please notify Laura when your images have been shared with media and when they are expected to be published or released. When necessary, Laura will work directly with your media contact to provide the needed sizes and edits to ensure the best possible result. Media outlets and publications are expected to credit Laura Noll Photography with a photo credit mention and link in their use of the photos online, on social media, in print, on television, etc.